A lot of people suffer from the problem of sore mouth or mouth ulcers and are always small mouth ulcers and far from view but it is painful and may continue for some time , which generates a feeling connected to the discomfort.

This problem may be due to:

• weakened of  immune system.
• Nutritional problems :  such as lack of Vitamin  B-12, zinc, folic acid and iron
• Gastro intestinal system disease.
• before the appearance of the ulcer , the person may feel of tingling or burning  sense inside surface of the mouth or when eating hot or acidic foods.
• the mouth ulcer may be round, white or gray surrounded by red borders.


How can I avoid mouth ulcers?

Despite the absence of a radical treatment  for mouth ulcer infection,  but you can reduce the risk by:

• Attention to oral hygiene, a balanced diet and reducing consumption of sweets andsugars
• Avoid drinking and eating very hot
• Avoid cuisine acidic or frigate
• If you smoke should refrain from smoking

Tip: If you continue for a period of more ulcers than two weeks Okant the big Okantdisappear in place to show in the last Oama came with a fever body Okant to verypainful Otmanek the eating and drinking heavily فتجب You should consult your doctor.